Fab is for bridging
digital and physical worlds.

Keio SFC was the first academic campus in Japan to provide free Internet environment to all the students. Lots of creative talents with digital skills have been nurtured here since 1990. Recently, digital creations are immersing into the real world. Self-driving cars, 3D printers, student-built architecture, wearable fashion, health-care devices, drones, agriculture sensing and more are highlighted topics. Through those activities, we realized that the new shape of creativity is about to appear. We call it "Fab"- that is for bridging digital and physical worlds. We believe that Fab is the next literacy for all the students in SFC, and ultimately, for everyone. Keio SFC has started the Fab-Campus project, which will make various types of Digital Fabrication technologies available to students. Moreover, we will be fashioning new management policies, infrastructure, education curriculum, and legal rules concerning Digital Fabrication. We focus not only on making. We cover all the process end to end, including making, using, seeing, maintaining, reusing, and updating prototypes. We are leading the new campus infrastructure in the IoT age.

(Some of following contents are only in Japanese.)

(c) 2016 Fab Campus Committee

Layer1 (Introductory)

3D Printer, 3D Scanner, Digital Embroidery Machine, Sewing Machine, Laser Cutter

Layer2 (Advanced)

Electric Workbench, Robot Studio, Fab Studio, Architecture Studio

Layer3 (Professional)

Large CNC Milling machine, Large 3D Printer, Woodshop, Metalshop

Fab Campus Map
  • Media Center FabSpace

    SBC Center

  • ο Aterier

    ο Electric Workbench

  • ο Robot Studio/ Fab Studio

    κ,ε,ι,ο,λ (Computer Rooms)

  • DFF-M (Digital Fabrication Factory-Metal)

    DFF-W (Digital Fabrication Factory-Wood)

※Available time are on the 「Fab Campus Guidebook (PDF, in Japanese)」